National Hyperbaric Centre

Tenders have been invited from main contractors for an extension at the National Hyperbaric Centre (NHC) located within Grampian Health Authorities Foresterhill complex in Aberdeen, on what is the largest Medical & Teaching Campus in Europe.

The NHC is owned and operated by JFD which is part of the James Fisher & Sons Plc – a British provider of Marine Engineering Services. JFD itself is one of the world’s leading subsea operations & engineering companies providing complex diving & underwater systems to the commercial & defence sectors. Operating in more than 80 countries, the company  is the world’s leading provider of submarine rescue capabilities and escape training and is at the forefront of Hyperbaric Rescue.

The extended NHC facility is to accommodate the new-generation 24-Man Self Propelled Hyperbaric Lifeboats (SPHL) which are about to enter service in the UK & Norwegian sectors of the North Sea. The lifeboats are deployed in emergency crisis situations from standby vessels to accommodate divers currently undergoing on-board hyperbaric treatment. The 24- Man SPHL is much larger than the current generation and requires extending the existing building to cope with the increased length & transfer requirements of the lifeboat. A new Transfer Under Pressure Module (TUPM) is to be manufactured to enable the rescues within the SPHL to enter directly into the main hyperbaric chamber complex at the NHC.

The extended facility is due for completion Q4, 2017.

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